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Makes sense

August 4, 2004


To the editor:

In reference to Wednesday's article on retooling the bicycle paths, you report bike lanes and paths cost from $20 to $100 per lineal foot. That sounds like a lot. Shouldn't our tax money be better spent, say, fixing roads? Perhaps not.

When I see a cyclist riding around town I think: That guy is freeing up one parking space for my car! That's one less car I have to wait behind at the next stoplight. There's one less vehicle pounding my streets into potholes. Every guy on a bike is a guy who is not in a car.

We spend lots of tax dollars accommodating our automobiles. Fewer car trips mean fewer parking garages needed, less traffic, fewer lanes, less maintenance. The more we encourage, accommodate, make safe and convenient the use of bicycles as transportation, the more we reduce automobile trips. Therefore, Journal-World, consider not the just the costs of the bicycle pathways; consider also the savings.

Charles NovoGradac,


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