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Draft issue

August 4, 2004


To the editor:

It is quite disturbing that the proposed reinstatement of the military draft is not being discussed this election year. Twin bills, Senate Bill S89 and House Bill HR163, titled the Universal National Service Act of 2003, have been introduced in Congress. These active bills would require a mandatory two-year service, either in the form of military or civil, of all men and women ages 18-26.

If one of these bills should become law, there would be no college deferments. Underclassmen would be able to postpone service only until the end of their current semester, and seniors could finish their academic year. If approved, it could go into effect as early as June 2005.

Also, in December 2001, Canada and the U.S. signed a "smart border declaration." This could be used to keep would-be draftees in the United States, making a move to Canada no longer an option.

I have contacted several congressmen, and they have said that they were not in favor of a military draft and that the voluntary army was meeting our needs at this time. The key words are, "at this time." It may not be good to reinstate the draft at this time, but after the November election, it might be.

Anyone who opposes these bills can contact members of Congress and tell them that you are against any bill that seeks the reinstatement of a military draft.

As a wise man recently said, "Do something."

Marcia Riley,


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