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Other sins

April 30, 2004


To the editor:

Some of your readers are quite knowledgeable about the Bible and have no problem telling the rest of us how to live our lives. In a letter to the editor (April 27), Carl Burkhead says, "God uses his written word, the Bible, to reveal his truth about the sin of homosexuality" and that we can "overcome and be free from this particular sin" through Jesus. Mr. Burkhead points us to various passages in various Bible versions so we can absorb literal interpretations of how God abhors homosexuality.

I wonder if Mr. Burkhead or any other Bible authority can point us to passages where God approves owning slaves and condemns working on the Sabbath, eating shellfish, and combining two different materials. Someone should interpret these words of God so I can be a good person, for right now I'm a wreck. I'm a gay man who opposes slavery, sometimes works on Sundays, loves to eat shrimp and wears cotton-poly blends. Can Jesus help free me from these sins?

Chris Gladfelter,


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