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Bad investment

April 25, 2004


To the editor:

It is amazing that a county commissioner and the president of a neighborhood association think the highest and best use of the property at 1120 R.I. is rehabilitation for low-income housing. Whether or not the adjoining lots are used for such purpose (faulty thinking there as well), the concept of pumping tax dollars into this outmoded, dilapidated structure is ludicrous.

The commissioner states he would earmark any proceeds from this activity toward improvements at the fairgrounds. Wow! I'll bet those six or so dollars will go a long way toward that goal. Has he checked the cost of construction improvements lately? Does he have any inkling of market values in the 1100 block of Rhode Island?

The association president states that the county let the property deteriorate so they should be required to fix it. Huh? Where's the relevancy in that? The bottom line is that the county should not spend part of its finite funds on renovating an obsolete building. Just because it's old doesn't mean it's historic or worth saving.

Terry Sexton,


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