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Drawing the line

April 22, 2004


To the editor:

Mr. Miller, (Public Forum, April 20) let's see who else isn't eligible to speak at the Dole lecture. Maybe they didn't have the draft when Vice President Dick Cheney didn't serve in the military, so I guess that eliminates him. We know the president is eligible, because outside influence was able to help him get into the Texas National Guard ahead of other people. So with his impeccable record of service he is surely eligible to speak.

Just to ease Mr. Miller's mind, I am not denigrating service in the Guard. I retired from the Guard with combined service of active duty and Guard time. I am proud of my service and those who are still serving in the Guard. Some of those I served with are in Iraq at this time.

I agree with Rep. Miller, George H.W. Bush would be an extremely qualified person. His service record is impeccable. He is a man of his word and a man of honor. Probably the most important thing to Mr. Miller is that President George H.W. Bush is a Republican and not some Democrat. Oh well, tiny minds.

Larry M. Brizendine,


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