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Bush record

April 19, 2004


To the editor:

President Bush recently held a press conference defending his war with Iraq. Based on his track record as commander in chief, Bush wants voters to elect him to another four years based on his success as a heroic and stalwart wartime president.

Let's get this straight. President Bush (not elected by the people) unilaterally attacks Iraq (not involved in 9-11), starting a war (not declared by Congress), and disregarding the United Nations and allies (labeling them irrelevant). He justifies his war based on weapons of mass destruction (that do not exist!) and terrorists links (absolutely no proof). Over 600 American kids die in combat (most after Bush declares war over), and more continue to die daily. Mr. Bush insists we fight and die on behalf of the grateful Iraqi people (who hate us and want us out)! This June, President Bush promises to hand control over to Iraq (but cannot say to whom), but will keep troops in Iraq (indefinitely). He claims to have a "plan" (which is secret) to get out of this mess.

President Nixon also had a "plan" for Vietnam (never revealed), asking Americans to elect him on this basis, which we did. After 1968, 32,000 additional American kids died in Vietnam, solely and exclusively for an uncaring president's ego and pride.

Diapers and politicians need to be changed regularly, for the same reason. Four more years? I don't think so.

Curtis D. Bennett,


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