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K-State quotes

April 13, 2004


To the editor:

Sigh ... tell me it isn't true!

Your editorial of April 6 implied that parents wanting to avoid exposing their children to teachers who were "pro-sex" and "anti-Iraq-war" might decide to send their kids to Kansas State, where, I guess, it was thought that those influences would not be present.

Are you sure?

Here are some headlines and quotes from the online edition of the K-State Collegian, the K-State campus newspaper.

  • "Porn star, sex addict debate in packed ballroom" (headline, April 7, 2004).
  • "Society hinders women's equality by denying exposure of breasts" (headline, April 15, 2004).
  • "Bondage, just like dominance or submission is simple role-play, ... start with role-play first -- then move into bondage and finally into sadomasochism." (Quotes from Tony Jurich, professor of family studies, Kansas State University, byline Kerry Fischer, March 2, 2004.)
  • "Bush has exploited 9/11 victims of the war on terror" (headline, Feb. 11, 2004).
  • "American public is at the point where they are ambivalent. They aren't sure. There is a part that is strongly supportive of the president and a part that is strongly opposed." (March 19, 2004, byline Sarah Rice.)
  • "Bush exhibits a survivalist mentality when making important decisions" (headline). "Hardly anyone denies that oil was and is a major ... factor in our presence in Iraq." (Feb. 10, 2004, byline J. Lamb.)

Don Chambers,


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