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April 1, 2004


To the editor:

This regards "Hung jury regrets lack of evidence in burglary trial," (Journal-World, March 30), which reported: "He (Lawrence police spokesman Sgt. Mike Pattrick) said technology didn't allow the department to tape every interview. In the past, the department's policy has been to videotape only interviews in certain major crimes, Pattrick said. He would not reveal which crimes were on that list."

Now, I haven't made a negative comment about the Lawrence Police Department for some time, mainly 'cause I know they're doing a good job.

BUT ...

With today's technology -- inexpensive high-speed computers, video capture and DVD burning -- the technology is available to allow taping every interview. My figures indicate you can record almost eight hours of interview, up to 78(!) hours on a DVD rerecordable. Quality and time differences account for the difference.

It's possible to burn a DVD in real time or from a hard drive, recorder or portable video camera.

DVDs could be filed by case -- available years from now, if necessary -- or recorded over if there's absolutely no reason to keep an archive copy. Rewritables cost about $3 a disk, permanent about a $1.50 -- less in bulk.

John Hamm,


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