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Highlights from the Kansas Legislature

April 1, 2004


Highlights of Wednesday's activities at the Kansas Legislature:

  • Gov. Kathleen Sebelius urged social service advocates who rallied at the Statehouse to pressure legislators to put more money into programs for the needy.
  • Senators reviewed two House-passed school finance measures that differ broadly in how much additional money they would provide to education.
  • Sebelius criticized a House-approved proposal intended to reduce lobbyists' paperwork, saying it could prevent the state ethics commission from auditing them.


  • A bill imposing a new, 50-cent monthly fee on wireless phones to finance improvements in county 911 systems cleared the Legislature and went to Sebelius.
  • The Senate unanimously approved and sent Sebelius a bill taking a step toward development of what could become the largest lake in southwest Kansas.

Clock is ticking:

Wednesday was the 76th calendar day of the session, out of 90 scheduled.

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