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Game behavior

September 17, 2003


To the editor:

I am a resident of Lawrence and went to a Free State football game on Sept. 12. I just went for fun; I do not have any relatives or anything that attend Free State. I am saying this to explain that I am not biased towards any particular team.

I watched a group of young men who were obviously looking for someone in the Free State crowd. They were from the other team. They found their friend, who seemed thrilled to see them, but were then told to leave and go back to their side. The friends were not even allowed to have a conversation.

I think that this shows the biggest lack of sportsmanship I have ever seen. Two teams' fans should be able to interact without security keeping them apart. Lawrence is a better town than that. Friends were not able to hang out because they "belonged" to different teams. We, as people, need to learn to get along, and keeping people apart just because of their schools is not the way to do it.

Marie Taylor,


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