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Voter plan

October 23, 2003


To the editor:

The next presidential election is just a year off and that time will pass rapidly. It may well be the most important election in many decades. We are faced with dramatically different choices in values, very real dangers, serious economic problems and a multitude of needs. I want to challenge you to take a novel approach to making your decision. This is a four point plan.

1) Start by making a list of what you want for our nation and our world. What do you really care about? Set aside your learned cynicism, your "practical" thinking, your discouragement, your sense of helplessness and, yes, your immediate self interest. Imagine the world the way it should be. Remember what it was like to want to change the world! Remember the hope! Remember the dream! Then write down everything you want -- and do it today. Tomorrow reread what you wrote. Discuss it. Revise it.

2) Listen to the candidates -- both incumbent and challengers. Read what they have written. Examine their records. Judge their actions. Decide who most closely matches your ideals, who most closely shares your view of what our country could be. Ignore commentators, editors, letter writers, sign wavers. Make this your decision based on your values.

3) Support that candidate with time, effort, money, discussion, action.

4) Vote!

This is what democracy is, and I still believe it will work.

Joe Douglas,


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