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More males

October 23, 2003


To the editor:

Imagine my surprise to read on the front page of the Oct. 13 Journal-World that Wayne Kruse is the only male teacher at Quail Run School. I immediately thought of three others that I know personally: counselor Harold Nelson, reading teacher Paul Maigaard, and my husband, physical education teacher Jeff McAdoo. All these men have been at Quail Run for at least 14 years.

Apparently, these men do not count as "front-line elementary school teachers" even though Mr. Nelson and Mr. McAdoo work directly with every single child in the building every year they attend Quail Run. They must count for something, though, because Jeff was named Lawrence Teacher of the Year and a Milken National Educator in 2000.

The article was correct in saying that one reason there are so few men in teaching is the pay. Maybe the bigger reason is a general lack of respect, even from colleagues.

Julie McAdoo,


Editor's note: The figures cited in the story were for lead classroom teachers in area elementary schools.

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