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Do you think Mark Jakubauskas' photo shows a mountain lion?

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Response Percent
Yes. Absolutely. I believe.
It looks like one, but I can’t be sure.
I can’t tell one way or the other.
No, it’s some other animal — a housecat or a fox.
I’ve seen it too.
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Bus route beef
October 9, 2003
Smith services
October 9, 2003
Florida settles for split
Despite ‘bad night,’ Fish return home with 1 win in series
October 9, 2003
There were a few successes worth savoring Wednesday night for the Florida Marlins.
NFL briefs
October 9, 2003
October 9, 2003
Rams’ RB Gordon finding his comfort zone
Second-year back becoming solid replacement for his idol — injured Marshall Faulk — in St. Louis backfield
October 9, 2003
Lamar Gordon grew up idolizing Marshall Faulk, wearing his number in high school and at North Dakota State.
Exemplary care
October 9, 2003
Randel services
October 9, 2003
Merger creates media giant
Vivendi Universal entertainment deal to give NBC more clout, profits
October 9, 2003
After months of negotiations, NBC is getting its prize: membership in the Big Media Club.
Cause for pride
October 9, 2003
Lisa Rena LeFlore
October 9, 2003
October 9, 2003
Our town sports
October 9, 2003
Holliday to meet ex-mates
K.C. end played for Green Bay 1998-2002
October 9, 2003
onnie Holliday and Brett Favre, together again at Lambeau Field.
Two tied for Vegas lead
October 9, 2003
As underdog, Miami motivated to topple FSU
October 9, 2003
Miami is heading into unfamiliar territory this weekend.
Pauline Randolph Duvall
October 9, 2003