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Funding priorities

November 19, 2003


To the editor:

Senator Dave Kerr is going to spend taxpayers' money to audit the sale of cars that should never have been purchased. It is likely the vehicles were acquired with his approval. Will a Kerr projection be any more accurate than a Sebelius projection? Get real.

He is questioning the estimate Gov. Sebelius offered for personal political gain. Senator Kerr, it is time you stopped running for governor and became more inclined to assist our current governor in being successful to eliminate some huge financial problems the Republican-controlled Legislature created for the state beginning about 1993 by draining revenues.

Putting it simply, the re-election of Senator Kerr is not near as important as helping Gov. Sebelius generate revenue.

Tending to our senior citizens, getting the mentally disabled off the street and educating Kansans is far more productive than the majority of Republicans have been over the last nine years.

Cut the nonsense and get down to the most important business at hand.

Richard Heckler,


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