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November 19, 2003


To the editor:

Open letter to Lew Perkins:

I guess everyone assumes that money is needed, but it would be interesting to read some explanations or budget data. We know about the $400,000- plus salary and hiring office assistants and cost of coaches. Are there plans for these extra funds for new facilities, for restoring programs like men's swimming? How much will be directed to the less notable sports? (I thought I ordered the all-sports ticket to attend women's basketball also, but I have received nothing.) With Allen Fieldhouse sold out, it is easy to understand that "supply and demand" economics will propel (greedy?) ideas. Perkins' letter includes providing "academic programs." How much of that amount will go to the College of Liberal Arts, etc.? Or is it just for more tutors? -- not a minor concern in an athletic department, I am sure.

It will be interesting to see how the point system will be operated. I hope I can assume that students will not be cut down to insignificant numbers.

As a (retired) pastor (besides being a KU fan), I acknowledge that the athletic director really understands the biblical axiom: "Where your treasure is, there your heart will be also." (Matthew 6:21) Will my heart be in Allen Fieldhouse next year? I wonder how many churches are bold enough to ask or expect $5,000 donations for the all-important work they are charged to do in Lawrence and around the world.

Don Conrad,


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