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Wal-Mart pawns

November 2, 2003


To the editor:

I am repulsed by the blatant blackmail of our city by two local citizens, Doug Compton (a former city commissioner!) and Bill Newsome, now partners in 6Wak Land Investments, and their greedy, stop-at-nothing determination to foist a Wal-Mart on land where our Board of Zoning Appeals has ruled Wal-Mart does NOT belong!

These two would apparently see their own city bled dry defending itself (while Wal-Mart foots THEIR legal bills) so they can continue to line their already bulging pockets!

Would that Lawrence could make it known nationwide just how ruthless Wal-Mart can be -- and what pawns it finds to do its bidding!

Hilda Enoch,


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