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One-sided stand?

May 29, 2003


To the editor:

I am writing in response to Bunker Clark's letter to the editor on May 19 in which he suggested we take a "more even-handed attitude" toward the conflict between Israel and the Palestinians.

Asking our government to be less one-sided on this issue is not an act of compromise or fairness; it is an act of moral cowardice. This is not a dispute between two reasonable groups who seek a mutually beneficial agreement; this is a dispute between a free nation and a gang of terrorists who seek its complete destruction. Refusing to judge the values and behaviors of both sides will not promote peace; it will only reward those who disrupt peace at the expense of the innocent.

The only path to peace is to stop those who disrupt peace. Until the Palestinians, along with their Iranian and Syrian supporters, stop their attacks and fully acknowledge the right of Israeli citizens (let alone their own citizens) to live, any compromise short of Israel giving up its entire country will only be met by more attacks and more demands for "compromise."

If we uphold life and freedom as our primary values, we should shun all opposing values and demand a "polarized policy" against terrorism.

Darren Cathon,


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