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Siren warning

May 21, 2003


To the editor:

Matt Withers' recent commentary on my letter about sirens missed a few essential ideas. Let me list them, quoting from his letter:

"... if you are relying solely on the sirens to know that severe weather is in the area, then you are many steps behind the game."

He should know that the sirens are used to signal a nearby tornado sighting, not just severe weather in the area.

"But if you still were not aware of the severe weather in the area, the only one to blame is yourself. There were and are many ways to stay informed about the weather. Buy a NOAA weather radio, watch the weather forecasts on TV or listen to the radio."

I knew all about the possibility of a tornado. Again, the sirens signal that one is actually sighted nearby.

"If there are chances for severe weather, stay informed all day ..."

When I went out, I knew there were chances. I only found out a tornado was close when someone in the restaurant got a call on his cell phone. When I went outside, I heard no sirens. When I was outside at home, I heard no sirens. None of us seated in the restaurant heard them, either. My family was in our shelter, because we have a weather radio. Not everyone can afford one, nor can we hide in our basements all day with the radio on when there is a tornado watch.

If the city is going to pretend to warn us, they need to make a better effort.

Adrian Melott,


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