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Harm is real

May 21, 2003


To the editor:

I attended Dennis Dailey's human sexuality class at Ecumenical Christian Ministries this spring, but I couldn't learn the important material of the class. The classroom environment was sexualized unnecessarily. I let Thad Holcombe, the director at ECM, know. My concerns weren't the audiovisual material but Dailey's regular off-color comments. What disturbed me was similar to some of the allegations made by Jessica Zahn. I could corroborate her testimony.

Kansas University didn't fairly investigate the sexual harassment portions of the complaint. Holcombe and the ombudsman knew of my concerns. In the KU investigation, Holcombe said that Dailey's teaching at ECM was supported with few exceptions.

Early on, University Relations called Dailey a popular, award-winning teacher. These statements have no relationship to sexual harassment. These statements support Dailey and discourage others harmed. KU said it couldn't corroborate Zahn's perceptions, but only hers were needed by law.

This human sexuality class should be available to all the KU students, not just to those who can stomach Dailey's digressions. My tax dollars are given so that classes can happen without discrimination. I know that Dailey's vulgarities aren't necessary to course content, and they are past what the average woman would find acceptable. I sat through them.

The theme of liberal KU vs. Sen. Susan Wagle overshadowed discernment. Multiple issues were involved, not just academic freedom. Real harm is done by sexual discrimination.

Janeine Cardin,


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