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American values?

May 17, 2003


To the editor:

In reply to Dan Cray's letter in the May 13 Journal-World:

To label your letter as just belligerent would undercut the true value of the word. I was appalled by its ignorance to the point at which I felt that it was my duty to respond to it. It is my right, after all. Please don't ship me off to "Iraq, Russia or even France" for it.

How does one wanting a good night's sleep without a spotlight in one's window make one un-American? It doesn't mean that those who want the lights off don't appreciate American values, by any stretch. To make such a statement is to paint with an awfully broad brush. Don't get me wrong; I truly do appreciate the fact that they fly the flag with pride even after the era of convenient patriotism. I would not appreciate the spotlight in my window at night, however. The request to turn the lights off at night is a simple one, not meriting such a venomous reprimand from anyone.

Perhaps, Mr. Cray, you need to review our Constitution and realize that the only un-American thing in our country is the ignorance that you so aptly demonstrated within your letter.

Jacob Beaumont,


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