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Quarry concerns

May 14, 2003


To the editor:

I am writing in concern to the prospective opening of the Hamm Quarry near Eudora.

De Soto and Eudora have new schools for our children. These towns are booming residential developments. If Hamm is allowed to come into this neighborhood and operate a rock quarry, it is certain to squelch any development in this area. That means loss of tax dollars to support our schools, not to mention that Hamm proposes to store explosives on site, unguarded. The route of travel is 1200 Road, which exits onto 1061 near Eudora's new high school and middle school. Hamm indicated the speed zone could be changed to 15 mph near the school. This convinces me even Hamm believes there will be a danger to our children.

Hamm's official indicated there could be 100 trucks per day rolling in and out of this quarry. For the roads to accommodate 100 trucks per day, the taxpayer is sure to feel this expense on road maintenance.

I don't believe a rock quarry in the middle of one of the fastest-developing areas in the state is in the best interest of its tax-paying citizens.

There is a meeting at 6:35 p.m. today at the Douglas County Courthouse. I would suggest anyone who feels passionate about our children's safety and education, the environment and Douglas County tax base be present.

Dan D. Hoover,


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