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Work for peace

May 4, 2003


To the editor:

I was rather disturbed by Tuesday's letter to the editor titled "Pray for peace." The author suggests that we can only bring about peace by praying for it. She suggests we do this on the "National Day of Prayer," which was established by our Congress in 1952 and signed into law by President Truman.

First of all, the official endorsement of this day of prayer by our government officials is an unconstitutional act in and of itself, as per the First Amendment. Secondly, I'm puzzled over this confidence the author expresses that prayer will be an effective means to achieve peace. What happened on September 11? Were people not praying hard enough?

The simple fact is that the only way for people to achieve peace is to work for it, rather than to rely upon superstitious rituals that continually fail.

Clay Vincent Schentrup,


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