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Redistricting flaw

May 4, 2003


To the editor:

Now that this legislative session is nearing an end, I would like to call attention to a travesty of the political process that directly affects some Lawrence citizens.

During the last legislative session, the Republicans in power in Topeka went to great lengths to carve up Douglas County to further their own agenda. One outcome of this "slicing and dicing" is that voters in North Lawrence do not have a local representative in the statehouse!

How is it that in Douglas County, some voters do not have even ONE local legislator to represent them in Topeka? My senator now lives in Winchester (Jefferson County) and my representative lives in Olathe (Johnson County).

I encourage all Lawrence and Douglas County citizens to talk to your legislators about the idea of moving redistricting to the courts or to a non-partisan group -- that is if you can FIND your local legislator

Patti J. Butcher,


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