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March 31, 2003


To the editor:

The Wal-Mart proposals and commercial development of West Sixth has surely sparked some interesting reading.

I'd like to say kudos to those recently utilizing existing empty space: Marriott for the former Riverfront Mall, Hobby Lobby for remodeling the old JC Penney building, and Sears for remodeling the old Wal-Mart at 27th and Iowa! OK, now what do we do with Payless Cashways, the soon to be empty Kmart, the old post office on West 23rd and that huge corner and building that Furrs occupied?

A big store is quitting business at Southern Hills; there are already empty buildings there. The deteriorating Magic Wok at 23rd and Ousdahl, and the old Pizza Hut is empty again. Our original "The Malls" has had empty stores off and on over the years. Yet the building goes on and on. Is there an end in sight? Take a look at Wakarusa between Sixth and Clinton Parkway; lots of empty space there. Yet, the building goes on and on. Is there something wrong with this picture?

If Wal-Mart is so anxious to have a second store in Lawrence, why not make it desirable for them to develop the virtually empty Tanger Mall? There sure is ample parking! A Wal-Mart with a grocery as they propose would certainly be convenient for North Lawrence and all the little towns to the north. These people are obviously shopping somewhere, so why not get them to come to Lawrence?

Such shoppers would no doubt explore other retail outlets in Lawrence.

Pete Anderson,


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