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Class lauded

March 31, 2003


To the editor:

So I just finished reading the article on Dennis Dailey and, quite frankly, am rather irritated with the tone of the story. Dennis Dailey is perhaps the most engaging, thought-provoking, open-minded educator I have ever had the pleasure of encountering. And I'm a fifth-year student, so I've had plenty of teachers.

It makes me sad to know that teachers are attacked for being honest and open with students about subjects that our society deems taboo. If other students have a problem with his teaching style, they should drop the class. It isn't a requirement to graduate.

As for people saying he belittles them, I disagree. He has an astounding atmosphere of respect, dignity and intimacy shrouding his class, and those students who don't understand his humor have problems. If he didn't joke around, do you realize how upsetting his class would be? I've already cried in five of the classes because his lectures are so touching and poignant. They really hit home and have forced me to re-evaluate my actions and attitudes towards others and myself. If he didn't add in a little lightheartedness, the class would be dreadfully heavy and somber.

Dennis Dailey deserves every bit of praise he receives and none of the negative comments. Perhaps his main purpose of teaching the class is to liberate our minds and increase our acceptance of others. I think maybe it would do some good if people in the state Legislature attended his class. Acceptance, not discrimination.

Kelly Graf,


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