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Violent cycle

March 30, 2003


To the editor:

Shame on my government for perpetuating an endless cycle of violence. Why exactly do we find ourselves in an orange alert? Because the government knows there's a heightened threat of terrorism. And if there's another terrible act of terrorism, would we respond with another terrible war?

Ah, and then would it be likely that terrorists may respond with another terrible act of terrorism? Then, let me guess ... another terrible war? Exactly what kind of world would we then be living in? Could it be that, instead of a violent war, we need to wage a benevolent peace? Did terrorists destroy the twin towers because they felt our government was too full of goodwill toward the world? I think not.

As was written in the "New York Review of Books" (Jan. 20):

"What kind of world will this become if the U.S. government has a blank check to drop commandos, assassins, and bombs wherever it wants?"

Nathan Carlson,


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