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Scare tactics

March 27, 2003


To the editor:

When I read that a group called "Truth for a Better Lawrence" had formed, I was thrilled. I want a better Lawrence, and frequently there is little relationship between politicians and the truth. Then I saw their big ad. It had two "we believe(s)", a "we think" and a "we can expect."

While what people may believe, think or expect may be fascinating, it hardly qualifies as truth, it's just more opinion based on their own agenda. Some people "believe" O.J. isn't a murderer, "think" the moon landings were faked and "expect" that investing in Enron would make them rich.

It seems the abate-and-pave crowd's "truth" is to scare Lawrence voters because the political pendulum is moving to a true balance on the city commission.

Phil Minkin,


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