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Poor logic

March 21, 2003


To the editor:

Alan Cobb owes an apology to all "patriots" in the military or out. Protesting aggressive military action that could potentially kill thousands is not "treason," so the protesters are not "traitors." As I recall, many of our founding fathers were against military action against the crown, but in the end their actions were labeled patriotic because, by definition, they were men who "love(d) (their) country and zealously support(ed) its authority and interests" (Webster's Revised Dictionary).

It is poor logic to think that military service immediately qualifies one as a judge of patriotism and international affairs.

As for me, I will not run away from the problems facing this country, domestic or foreign: I will be voting for a president in 2004, one way or another, which is a lot more patriotic than verbally insulting and attacking other Americans taking advantage of freedoms rightfully given to them. Whether or not one supports the war, as Americans we should agree we have the right to express ourselves without fear of each other. It is better to be called yellow by Mr. Cobb than to be a goose-stepping, unquestioning "patriot."

Andy Sneegas,


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