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Middle ground

March 16, 2003


To the editor:

In your editorial "Election Field" (J-W, Feb. 27) you ask if the winners of the City Commission primary will play to the "vast middle ground." With such a resounding majority in the primary, these progressive candidates truly represent the middle ground.

It appears the voters believe in the concepts of balance of representation, rewarding businesses that pay higher wages and trying to grow the existing businesses that have already committed to Lawrence. Is there any doubt our community wants leaders who understand the impacts on neighborhoods?

Finally, it is incorrect to paint this potential new commission as a 180-degree shift in economic development policy. In their economic development statement on Feb. 24, these candidates showed strong support for Lawrence Chamber of Commerce business attraction efforts. They also support neighborhoods.

We can have city commissioners who provide balance in representing all of us. Please stop drawing lines making this election into a "football game of fear."

Mary Wasson,


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