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Amusing twist

March 16, 2003


To the editor:

I read with amusement the article on City Commission candidate Boog Highberger's essay on money (J-W, Tuesday). Apparently some developers have tried to turn the essay into an election issue.

C'mon. It's 17 years old. Moreover, the essay really is quite reasonable. It observes, as we all know, that money both frees us and limits us. And it suggests that we should develop local policies that aid local businesses and the local economy. In fact, that is precisely what Highberger has done for more than a decade as a local business and community leader.

For a developer to try to twist the essay into a problem suggests that Highberger's opponents are getting really desperate. Indeed, that seems to be the real story here: If the voters aren't with you, turn to negative campaigning. What a shame.

Chuck Epp,


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