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Bad reflection

March 13, 2003


To the editor:

Missouri and Kansas men's basketball teams have a great rivalry, and, usually, I look forward to the games between the two teams. Of course, I support Kansas. But year after year I gain more hostility toward the student section of Missouri. The students of Missouri find it entertaining to harass the basketball team with phone calls.

There comes a time when enough is enough, and what Missouri has portrayed this year is not only poor, but it is the highest lack of class that I have ever seen presented by any university in the area. I hope that the student section of Missouri is happy with what it has accomplished this year: a bad reputation for the University of Missouri.

Cheers to the Antlers of Missouri who recently enjoyed witnessing their 14-game home streak go down the hole. Congratulations to KU for bring home another Big 12 title and continuously presenting Kansas University with classy reputation.

Jacob Oliver Cottrell


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