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U.S. a rogue?

June 28, 2003


To the editor:

Having defeated Iraq with the aggressive first use of conventional weapons, the Bush administration appears to be considering first use of nuclear weapons against other "rogue nations" such as Iran and North Korea. As a follower of Christ, the Prince of Peace, I pray that our country will never again initiate war or use nuclear weapons.

In December 2001, the United States withdrew from the anti-ballistic missile systems treaty. In January 2002, the Pentagon conducted a sea-based national missile defense (NMD) operation. The NMD is essential for mopping up any residual Russian or Chinese strategic nuclear weapons that might have survived a United States first nuclear strike. This would allow the United States to launch a successful first-strike strategic nuclear attack to gain world domination. The U.S. war on terrorism could now go nuclear.

There is evidence that the Bush administration has required the Pentagon to draw up "first use" of nuclear weapons against several "axis of evil" states. Such planning puts the United States in violation of international law. Should we initiate nuclear war in violation of international law, we would become the "rogue elephant." Our record on refraining from using nuclear weapons is not reassuring. In 1945, President Truman ordered nuclear bombs to be dropped upon Japan whose military situation was hopeless and whose axis allies had already surrendered.

John A. Bond,


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