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Conservatism wins

June 27, 2003


To the editor:

The major thesis advanced by Mike Cuenca ("Liberal views," Public Forum, June 24) along with his shrill and denunciatory tone is indicative of the paucity of liberal ideas and the attendant disordered personalities surrounding the leftist cabal from its very inception.

Mr. Cuenca, almost laughably, exhibits enough mania in one letter to the editor to supply those of us on the right with a bellyful of mirth into the next century. He seizes upon a moderate-rightist like Cal Thomas, certainly the most benign of conservative columnists, to spit his venom at.

Mr. Thomas is not an extreme rightist and, in fact, is generally thought of as one of our most tepid controversialists. One wonders what would occur in Mr. Cuenca's garret if the Journal-World were to run a column by Patrick J. Buchanan, Joseph Sobran or the stunningly beautiful Ann Coulter. A few words from either of these stellar polemicists would probably crack the concrete on Massachusetts Street.

Mr. Cuenca should, however, be congratulated for some measure of correctitude in his analysis. He is correct that "leftist" politics are really "communist" and, hence, "evil." The great totalitarian monsters of the 20th Century, from Adolf Hitler to Lenin/Stalin and Mao Zedong were all united in their hate of conservative regimes. Once they replaced these regimes, they ushered in a reign of terror incomparable in human history and all in the glorious name of progressivism.

Liberalism has failed in the marketplace of ideas.

Conservatism is triumphant!

Matthew M. O'Connell,


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