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Safe celebration

June 23, 2003


To the editor:

This is in support of the city's ban on personal fireworks. I grew up in a state where the use of most personal fireworks was banned. For as long as I can remember Wisconsin has allowed only sparklers, snakes -- nothing that can be shot in the air. The exception to this is the large city-sponsored fireworks displays that are allowed with permit. People accept this arrangement without protest.

In Wisconsin, entire towns celebrate the birth of our country by attending city-sponsored displays and events. Generally the Jaycees or special clubs like the LaCrosse Skyrockers put on a wonderful display. Often these displays are held on the banks of a river or lake or above a baseball field. The city fire departments are always on hand.

The people of Lawrence who are bemoaning the fact that their personal freedoms have been taken away need to wake up and realize they can have a wonderful experience enjoying a true display.

No one family could ever hope to afford the spectacular fireworks a citywide celebration will provide. If anyone has purchased fireworks privately in recent years they know how expensive fireworks are for the little bang you get. This year, the money I would have spent on fireworks is going to be donated to the Jaycees toward the public display.

Let's all enjoy a safe and spectacular Fourth of July. And let's celebrate it in community.

Susan Cary,


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