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ATVs at Clinton?

June 20, 2003


To the editor:

I would like to see an ATV area at Clinton Lake, near the southeast end of the dam. All the other lakes have an area for ATV and motorcycle riding. How come there is not one at Clinton Lake?

There is an old rock quarry there and about 140 acres that would be ideal. I have talked with several of the people who live around that area and they are all for it.

This would be a boost, small, but a boost to the economy in the area, from people buying fuel, snacks, parts and other things. It would be easy to fence off, add some small port-a-potties, and a small gravel parking area, close to the radio tower on the south end of the area. There are horse trails in the area, west of this, and the ATV area could be separated easily from them.

I would like to find out who to talk with about adding this recreational use to Clinton Lake. Please contact the J-W so they can let the public know how to get the ball rolling on this project.

Matt Montgomery,


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