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Fan of the T

June 18, 2003


To the editor:

I love the T! I've grown so used to it I can't imagine a "progressive" city like Lawrence without it. To those who watch buses for signs of life I say "try them." Yes, you do relinquish some independence, and you must learn to read the schedule. It has to become a habit.

However, the benefits of riding are realized when you can relax in a clean, safe, climate-controlled bus and watch others dealing with traffic and parking -- all for only 50 cents. (How much have you spent on meters and parking tickets?) It's not perfect, and maybe some routes should be cut or altered. I do know that I am rarely the only rider and have ridden with as many as six others and two bikes on the rack.

I would ride it more if I didn't prefer walking and bicycling. Then again, I am fortunate to have options. I have a bike, a car and two legs. Someday I may not and will appreciate public transportation even more. For those hesitant to lose the independence their car affords, consider that the T gives many others in this community THEIR independence. Many folks don't have cars for one reason or another. Maybe they can't afford one or are unable to drive. Maybe they are in transition, choose not to drive, or are too young. For those who have gained freedom by riding the T, it makes all the difference.

Lisa Grossman,


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