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Selling parks

June 15, 2003


To the editor:

Regarding cell phone towers in city parks:

While city officials mull the monetary advantages of allowing the installation of cell phone towers in city parks, perhaps they should consider additional commercial ventures such as renaming the parks. Corporate badging could bring in big bucks. Potential, successful bidders could see their image emblazoned on park signs. Imagine names like "Verizon South Park" or "Cingular Centennial Park."

Smaller companies could bid on naming rights for the bandstand, the skateboard area or the tennis courts. Sign spots could be sold for park benches. Even trees and flower beds could reflect corporate spending and the city could fill its depleted coffers. Then our city officials could take a fraction of this new-found wealth and set aside some quiet piece of land filled with nothing but nature for those citizens who long for a space in which to relax.

Scott Winters,


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