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Positive focus

June 15, 2003


To the editor:

I work for the early childhood programs of the Lawrence public schools. Rich Minder was quoted as saying the 4-year-old program would be "ghettoized" by moving it to the East Heights building. His voice is not representative of the children and families that are, and have been, a part of the Lawrence public schools early childhood programs.

This shows no respect for the families that have been served and little knowledge of what the program encompasses. I find his comments to be insulting and uninformed. I would never think to categorize the families that we have in our programs in such a derogatory way. His comments regarding Langston Hughes School are also divisive and highly unprofessional. As an incoming school board member, he is doing little to bring this community together.

Families throughout the school district struggle in many different ways, not just financially. We offer an enriched environment with parent involvement that prepares children for success in school. It might be learning how to read or sing a song, but it also includes life lessons like getting along with others.

We need to focus on solutions and moving forward in all areas of the district business, for all the children of Lawrence.

The children are looking at the adults in their lives and will form their opinions and feelings based on what they see. Let's be sure that we are aware of that before we continue to keep accusing one another with half-truths and uninformed opinions.

Suzie Vaughan,


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