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Habitat mission

June 15, 2003


To the editor:

I was thrilled last week when Terry Rombeck called and suggested that the Journal-World do a story about our quest for property in this community. His purpose was to communicate our needs with the community hoping that we might find help. Thanks for the front page exposure on June 8.

While our situation is becoming more critical in a time when the economy is in such flux, we are looking for creative solutions that will benefit the community as a whole. Our mission and ministry are to provide affordable homes to working low-income families.

In the 14 years Habitat for Humanity has been in Lawrence, we have placed 50 families in homes. Lawrence Habitat for Humanity can only carry out this mission through the partnerships we have developed with the city, local banks, title companies, a host of contractors and vendors. We are interested in forging new partnerships with organizations that may be able to help us in our mission.

Working with residential developers, who are building homes in areas where property taxes are affordable, is a solution that has been successfully implemented in other communities. While it may or may not be the solution to our situation, it is an option to research.

While our service area includes Douglas and Jefferson counties, we have built all but one of our homes in Lawrence. This community has been incredibly supportive of Habitat. We know we cannot do this without the enduring dedication of our partners.

Jean Lilley,

executive director,

Lawrence Habitat for Humanity

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