Reason for rules

To the editor:

I am writing in regard to Mark Fagan’s May 30 article on Lawrence’s new fireworks ban. I’m hoping that Lawrence residents can be trustworthy enough to follow this new ordinance and to not forget the true meaning of our Independence Day which is to celebrate our country and the many freedoms we are privileged to have.

If not, what a negative message we are sending to our children about choosing to break the law when we don’t agree with it. Rules may not always seem fair but are usually made into policies to instill the safety and well being of others. People often forget the negative impact their actions may have on insurance rates as well as being inconsiderate of their neighbors.

All Lawrence residents will soon become informed of this new policy. Residents who choose to break the law should be expected to pay the established consequences. Let’s set good examples for our children who are constantly watching and learning from the choices that we decide to make. Let’s show them that we as adults in this city can follow the rules and respect authority because it’s the right thing to do to ensure that everyone may enjoy this very special holiday in a safe and secure environment.

Joyce Fee,