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Rude treatment

June 1, 2003


To the editor:

I make an effort if possible to shop in Lawrence to support local business over chain stores. Although prices may be slightly higher, the friendly, personal relationship with store owners and employees will keep customers spending over the years. That is how small, independent businesses can survive, stay in business and keep customers loyal.

However, store owners should never take local good will for granted or feel it is their entitlement. A recent incident in a small, specialty store in the downtown Lawrence area changed my attitude about supporting local business, at least this one.

The owner was having a bad day, in an ugly mood, and conveniently reflected her unhappiness with the shabby, surly, short-tempered and rude treatment of a customer (me) attempting to buy a product. Her treatment was unwarranted, undeserving, and highly unprofessional and personally embarrassing and way out of line.

As an owner, she has the right to treat customers in any manner she chooses. I also have the right, as a customer, to choose where and with whom I spend my money. When an owner publicly displays her contempt and disdain and communicates she does not need nor appreciate those who pay her bills, only a masochist would return for more; only a fool would spend another dollar.

Curt Bennett,


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