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Valuation factor

July 27, 2003


To the editor:

The July 14 Journal-World indicated the county commissioners needed to increase the mill rate to 29.844. This is an increase of 7.2 percent. This would increase the tax on a $150,000 house by $34.81. This enigmatic house was appraised last year for $150,000 with a mill rate of 27.84 and paid the county $478.06. This same house was appraised this year for $157,800. With the mill rate at 29.844, the total tax will be $540.21. This results in a tax increase of 12.8 percent. In addition, the county income will increase due to new construction that was completed last year.

I would hope, when the media and the county commissioners discuss taxes, they will include property valuations as well as the mill rate.

Bob Marsh,


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