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Invasion questions

July 18, 2003


To the editor:

While there was plenty of truth in your comments justifying the U.S. invasion of Iraq and the removal of the evil nemesis, Saddam Hussein (Journal-World, July 7), you failed to address some key questions that could have catastrophic consequences for the United States.

First, will this invasion establish a dangerous precedent, whereby stronger countries feel free to manufacture excuses and attack weaker countries when they feel their security is at risk? There are plenty of evil rulers out there, and does the United States have the resources and integrity to clean up other dirty regimes?

Second, can democracy and freedom be effectively imposed from without? Are the models of Japan and Germany after World War II appropriate? And is the current administration prepared to stick to its stated democratic principles if resistance continues to grow or the Iraqi people elect a leadership that is against American interests in the region? Moreover, what does this invasion and the strength of protest against it say about the nature of democracy in America today?

Finally, what do you tell the mothers whose sons and daughters will die for Iraqi freedom? Will Americans continue to willingly sacrifice their children for such a specious, though noble, cause?

While I'm encouraged that the Iraqis may enjoy more freedom today, I question whether the end (removing Saddam) justifies the means (invasion) and believe the American people will ultimately regret the decision our president made to invade Iraq.

Ray Finch,


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