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Angry neighbor

January 26, 2003


To the editor:

I regret having to go public with my complaint, but it appears again the single-family dwelling homeowner basically is getting lost or shunned aside in the city of Lawrence, Kan.

Due to high-density growth in my area, we have almost daily cleanup work to do because tenants throw debris instead of putting it neatly in the dumpster provided.

Our fence has been backed into twice and almost doubled. The telephone pole close to it also had damage done to the extent KPL and the telephone company had to come out and put protectors over cables.

We had a professional sign put on our private gate asking people to please not block our entrance (August 1998). Less than a week ago, someone decided to remove the sign. Yes, this was reported to the police. Basically sounds like a prank. Of coincidence, immediately a car blocked our entrance and also the ability of sanitation vehicle to get to dumpster. The illegal parked car remained there more than 24 hours.

I suggest the planning commission go back to the drawing board and refigure how many vehicles and what size cars can be parked legally there. The landlords should be instructed of their responsibility to educate their tenants of city ordinances regarding parking, sanitation, fire works etc. Then make sure the landlord knows they are personally accountable for their tenants' actions to neighbors.

In the meantime, we do not feel we should be held accountable for the expense for a new sign to protect out personal private property. Perhaps now the city will provide city signs that point out DEAD END. NO BLOCKING ENTRANCES.

Charlotte Muckey,


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