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Logic lacking

January 23, 2003


To the editor:

It is sad that once again the citizens of Lawrence are being asked to dig deeper in their personal budgets to finance a school bond issue. What is even sadder is that on page 3B of Friday's J-W, there is an article discussing teacher layoffs. What is even sadder still is that as I look at the narrative concerning the school bond issue we are talking MILLIONS of dollars for buildings and aesthetics.

In my house when the budget is tight the things like new carpet, paint and remodeling the kitchen just have to wait until later when some disposable income is available. I considered telling one of the kids that I just couldn't afford them and sending them away, but...

I am fairly confident that if the bond issue were for more and better teachers it would pass by a landslide. Using the logic of tearing a school down/closing a school and building another school is insane but consistent with the recent school board decisions.

Ray Beaumont,


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