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Wrong route

January 17, 2003


To the editor:

KDOT has chosen the most expensive route for the new 59 highway! It will displace 33 families, eight businesses, and cost $11 million more than the alternative one mile east of 59 highway.

Having to displace any families does not make any sense! If the alternative route was chosen, only 11 families instead of 33 would be displaced. The $11 million extra for the chosen route will not be enough. Property values in Douglas County continue to escalate yearly. By 2005, when KDOT starts to buy property they will be paying a lot more than anticipated. We, the taxpayers, will be asked again to dig deeper into our pockets to pay for this decision. KDOT also stated that they thought the new freeway one mile east wouldn't be used. Has anyone ever seen a new freeway that was abandoned and not used?

Both state and federal governments are facing budget deficits. The last estimate was that the state of Kansas was facing an $800 million shortfall in the next fiscal year. KDOT can save $11 million by choosing the alternative route one mile east of the existing 59 highway. This money could be better utilized by our public services and education.

We are asking our federal and state representatives to reconsider the decision that was made by KDOT and choose the 59 highway route one mile east of the existing highway.

Jerry and Diane Krysztof,


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