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Catholic criticism

January 12, 2003


To the editor:

Archbishop Keleher is to be congratulated for his criticism of Kathleen Sebelius' use of Assumption Church in Topeka. The governor-elect has been a consistent pro-abortion advocate in her various political capacities. Her attempts to obfuscate the issue by claiming she is not "pro-abortion" are indicative of the paucity of political discourse in Kansas and, indeed, throughout the nation.

Archbishop Keleher, however, cannot escape criticism. He too has obfuscated the reality of Catholic moral teaching in an attempt to curry favor with his largely Democratic constituency. The archbishop has subordinated his diocese's concern for the unborn to what he believes are more important, namely, social welfare payments to those who are not employed. Much the same attitude is reflected in the statement by Rev. Charles Prolifka that he was "going to look at her in terms of all these issues." (J-W, Jan. 3)

Clearly, almost the entire Catholic hierarchy in Kansas has chosen to abrogate their responsibility as moral teachers in favor of political expediency. Archbishop Keleher, much like my former archbishop, Bernard Cardinal Law, is not a bad man; he is a good man who has chosen to ignore evil in his midst because the implications of facing that evil prove too difficult.

In closing, let me issue my final criticism: Archbishop Keleher needs to open the pages of the Leaven to his critics; in silencing those of us who remain faithful to our church he continues to ignore the multitude of voices who attempt to get him to hear the silent scream of the unborn.

Matthew M. O'Connell,


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