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Santa OK

January 11, 2003


To the editor:

I would like to state my opinion about an article in the Dec. 25 LJW concerning some people in the Baldwin area that were upset because Santa Claus came to their children's school. A Mrs. Mitchell was quoted as saying, "If I had known Santa was going to talk about God, I would have raised hell."

Of course everyone in this country has a right to worship like they want to or not at all, but nobody can be forced not to worship or believe in a God just because some do not. The fact is that most people choose to celebrate Christmas in a religious way. It is not just a day to open presents, like some these days believe it is; to many it is the day Christ was born, and to us, that makes Christmas a very special day, not because we have a big gift under the tree.

There are some things that are taught in public school, such as evolution, that I would rather a child of mine not hear about. But it is a public school, with many opinions, cultures, and, yes, religions all rolled up into one building. So people have to be sensitive to others' beliefs, no matter if they agree with them or not.

And children being taught about the harmful effects of drugs, I think that is a great thing. Why any parent would be against that, I have no clue.

The next time you're driving down the highway and see a memorial site where some innocent person lay dead because a drunken driver got behind the wheel, maybe then would be a good time to show your children the outcome of using drugs or alcohol. In my opinion, Santa did nothing wrong, and I hope he will be in the schools giving kids good, clean fun for a long time.

Matt L. Withers,


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