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Current threats

January 7, 2003


To the editor:

Your paper ran a story, "Run, Hillary, Run" by Bill Ferguson on Dec. 30. He claims Sen. Clinton is a control freak who may, someday, threaten his civil rights. The fact is, over the past 15 months, many of his civil rights have not only been threatened but taken from him all together! Unfortunately, he is not alone in his unawareness.

I am referring to the Patriot Act and several other bills which have "tags" that do exactly the same thing. Example: In his education bill, Bush buried the new freedoms given to military recruiters requiring high schools to provide them with not only access to building and students but student records to be turned over upon their demand.

Our freedom of speech is a thing of the past. No longer may John Q. American openly debate any decision made by the president, unless he is on the affirmative side. To speak against our government is now a crime for which we, as citizens, may be arrested and held without counsel or allowed a phone call, indefinitely.

Our libraries are required to release reader's library records pertaining to what books are being read, which Web sites are being accessed. This is to name only a few. If Bill Ferguson thinks Hillary Clinton is the person he should be afraid of, he needs to pay closer attention to what is going on around him today. It's not a crime to be afraid; just shameful to be that misinformed.

Doris Stine,


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