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Road options

February 3, 2003


To the editor:

The trafficway could have been completed for $43 million if a certain few had not wanted this road to go through one of the most environmentally sensitive areas in Douglas County. Because of their refusal to make a wise decision and go south of the river we are now at more than $200 million if the trafficway were to be completed (four lanes) at today's dollars.

It is time for KDOT to take a look at other viable alternatives because building anything in the wetlands is simply not acceptable. The wetlands route is not about traffic relief; it's about development and politics.


1. Create a toll road taking the SOR route farther east which could connect to an existing and underutilized K-10 interchange (County Road 1057). This could possibly require only four bridges instead of seven and eliminate an expensive interchange at Noria Rd. USERS PAY.

2. Allow KTA to build I-70 connectors between Eudora and De-Soto as a toll road which could service Topeka, Lawrence, Johnson County and KC commuters. USERS PAY! KDOT has studied this option.

3. Do not build a road and contribute $150 million for the development of rail and/or bus commuter service between Topeka and KC. Users pay. (My personal favorite).

All of the above would avoid the wetlands and Prairie Park altogether. It would also not require moving existing roads.

Beth Anne Mansur,


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